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You can’t always control circumstances.
However you can always control your attitude, approach, and response.

– Tony Dungy

​Your alarm didn’t go off, your kids are fighting more than normal this morning, and if you don’t act on the dog’s whining soon your silk rug will be an accent piece for an entirely different reason.

When you have a morning start like this, can a good day really come of it? Actually, yes it can! It only takes 1 intentional step to turn your whole day around. If you are having a bad day, try one of these super easy ways to boost your mood and take back control over your day.

​1. Listen to one of these feel-good songs.
2. Stand up and take a walk.
3. Choose a healthy energizing snack or meal.
4. Pick up the phone and call a friend.
5. Try one of these fantasy writing prompts.
6. Read these positive thinking and staying positive quotes.
7. Listen to an episode of one of these positive thinking podcasts.
8. Try this 5-minute meditation you can do anywhere.
9. Stand up and do 10–25 jumping jacks.
10. Read a chapter from your favorite book.
11. Read a Medium article on Mindset.
12. Sit in the sun (with SPF of course) or use a light therapy lamp.
13. Go outdoors and just be present in nature or listen to your favorite nature sound.
14. Stand up and complete your 30-day squat day challenge.
15. Read these funny monologue.
16. Play fetch with your pet.
17. Drop an email to your sibling with a memory.
18. Burn mood-boosting aromatherapy scents.
19. Check out Top 10 Best Virtual Museum Tours. 
20. Sign up to learn something new with a free class.
21. Check out these funny dogs and funny cat memes.
22. Scroll through this beautiful travel blog.
23. Read these funny but true-life stories.
24. Read your favorite sports team blog.
25. Write an online review for a friend’s business or if you are feeling gracious and my article helped make your day a little brighter, share with others!

By incorporating positive natural serotonin-boosting habits you eliminate the guilt or shame from negative “comforting” habits that would ultimately make the day worse for yourself. The more healthy habit intentionality you bring into your routine, the more in control you will feel with your life as a whole.